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Taskbar - TBAR Community Token

TBAR Community Token
Taskbar is a community driven platform


Taskbar intends to create and issue a new fungible token, tentative name TBAR. The TBAR will be a utility & governance token, allowing holders to obtain various financial or promotional benefits on the platform and also vote on key aspects of the Taskbar platform, such as new features to be developed or new categories of skills and tasks to be promoted.

It is likely that the TBAR will be distributed to the wider community via an initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) and/or an initial centralized exchange offering (IEO).

Taskbar 'points'

Before issuing the TBAR token, Taskbar intends to initially issue ‘points’ to platform users on a free-of-charge basis as an incentive for users to contribute in various ways to the growth of the Taskbar project and wider community.

Subject to compliance with the prevailing regulatory landscape, Taskbar plans to convert these ‘points’ into TBAR tokens at the appropriate time.

Taskbar ‘points’ will be issued free-of-charge and earned through ‘proof of activity’ relating to the support, promotion and development of Taskbar.

Taskbar ‘points’ are not intended to have any financial value but are expected to have a future beneficial value within the Taskbar ecosystem once converted into TBAR tokens, linked solely to the collective efforts of all platform users.

Earning Taskbar 'points'

We currently envisage that points will be earned by various categories of users and for various types of activity as summarized below:






Join Taskbar and link Hedera account



Create a Skill

Create a skill within your Taskbar profile



Create a Task

Add a task you need to be completed



Complete a Task

Successfully complete a task and receive payment



Invite a Friend

Earn points when a friend registers profile



Invite a Brand

Earn additional points if the friend upgrades to a brand account



Recommend Tasker

Earn points if your referral gets hired (both of you earn points)



Social Media

Sharing positive content and memes about Taskbar on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit etc.



Video content

Creating quality video content relating to Taskbar and promoting on YouTube, TikTok etc.



Global outreach

Help to build the ecosystem by translating marketing and documents into other languages.



Strategic Partnerships

Introducing potential strategic partners to Taskbar (e.g. large companies, digital media and tech colleges, governmental depts).


* To be added to existing accounts as soon as feature is enabled.

Taskbar points will be allocated on a monthly basis at the sole discretion of the Taskbar team and the decision of the Taskbar team will be final. Taskbar reserve the right to review the rules and allocations at any time.


Points in respect of activities 1-7 above will be issued instantly upon activity completion.

Where a user intends to earn Taskbar points for carrying out the other above activities, items 8-11, the user must first be a registered user of Taskbar with a linked Hedera account and then contact Taskbar at and provide the following personal information: Name, Email Address, Hedera Account number and description of intended activities.

Each user will then be assigned points based on the amount of engagement or contribution they made in the relevant month by reference to the above table. Each user will then receive the relevant number of ‘points’ reflected on their Taskbar profile.

Let’s start collecting points

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