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Double Grant Win For Taskbar!

The Taskbar team is delighted to announce that it has recently been awarded grants from both the HBAR Foundation and the Filecoin Foundation.

Taskbar is building a decentralised gig economy marketplace powered by Hedera Hashgraph – the fastest, most secure and environmentally friendly public ledger network. Taskbar has been launched in beta, and allows users to market their skills, post and complete tasks and make payments to each other using the native token of the Hedera Hashgraph network, the HBAR. Taskbar is poised to become the first fully autonomous, self-sovereign gig-economy platform that is gamified to cater to the needs of all users. The goal is to support mass financial inclusion through a borderless marketplace of tasks for users via a trustless web3.0 ecosystem.

The HBAR Foundation grant is part of an extensive program of funding to enterprises and startups launching projects on Hedera Hashgraph. The intention is to increase adoption of HBAR and encourage further participation on the Hedera network. Apart from project funding, the HBAR Foundation also provides operational support and enhanced awareness and opportunities for adoption. The grant funding provided to Taskbar is aligned with its roadmap and certain agreed milestones.

The Taskbar team also won the 5th place prize in the Filecoin Foundation program, which was a joint grant initiative with Hedera Hashgraph, designed to boost development in the Hedera ecosystem. The prize amounts to US$10,000, again based on milestones.

To win the Filecoin prize, the Taskbar team submitted a plan to add functionality to the Taskbar platform by building a decentralized file storage solution connected to Filecoin. Specifically, the solution will combine the short-term benefits of Hedera File Service (Hedera’s native file store) with the permanent immutability of Interplanetary File System (IPFS) via Filecoin web3 storage. Taskbar have agreed that the source code and documentation for the solution will be published on an open source basis.

Taskbar currently has 500+ active users and launched on Product Hunt with 205 upvotes. Product development continues behind the scenes to add functionality to the platform, such as USDC stable-coin integration to allow payments in US dollars.

Taskbar will eventually be powered by its own token, the TBAR and also plans to offer ‘white label’ versions of its platform to corporate clients on a SaaS subscription basis.

Ahmed Shlibak, Co-Founder & Chief Product Tasketeer of Taskbar said:

“We are honoured to receive these generous grants from the HBAR Foundation and the Filecoin Foundation. This financial and operational support will allow us to ramp up our development roadmap and implement tools that will enhance the experience for users. We look forward to long and fruitful strategic partnerships with both the HBAR Foundation and the Filecoin Foundation.”


HBAR Foundation

Filecoin Foundation

Product Hunt

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